Unconfirmed Ethereum Blockchain Transactions | ID: 147500

Hi, could someone please help me? I am out of ideas and this is an emergency.

I tried sending Ethereum tokens that are in my Trezor Suite to my MetaMask this evening. I sent them normal gas which I think the suite said was “4 GWEI”. I did NOT KNOW this would be an issue. I don’t know why it would suggest I use this amount of GWEI if it was going to take hours to confirm the transaction! It has been 4 hours now and my transaction has not gone through. I sent two more after the first to try to offset the first. However, I read until the first one foes thru the others will not work!

I am very worried. Can anyone help me cancel the transaction?

For the record, this has NEVER happened before when trying to send tokens from Trezor Suite to Metamask. I don’t know why this is happening tonight.

Any advice?? How long could this take? CAN Trezor Admin Please cancel these transactions for me?>

Hello @KryptoKris

If your output address is correct I would simply wait.
I know it can be scary, I have been in this situation too.
If the miners (nowadays validators) validate your tx it will go through if not your your tokens will be sent back (this can take days)

Don’t you have the option to bump fee on trezor suite? You could try this. You also need to have enough eth on your wallet for this option. (I will need to check if trezor suite has this option, usually under the tx details)

Trezor won’t be able to mess with your tx, you hold the private keys, this is how decentralized imutable systems work.
This is regarded as a feature not a bug.
The tx cannot be reversed by anyone


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