Unable to view my Stellar wallet via accountviewer nor Exodus

I have transferred Stellar (XLM) Coins from Coinbase to Trezor Model T via Stellar Account Viewer. After a few months later I wanted to add more XLM coins, but Trezor is displaying different XLM address (via Stellar Account Viewer) with no balance (for both cases with and without hidden passphrase). As per link below, I did not withdraw from Trezor. How can I access it with my Trezor?

This makes me suspicious if Trezor is working well and if this can be trusted for future adding of XLMs.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Edit: added public address:

Hi @Miroslav,

You can only access Stellar (XLM) through 3rd party wallets Stellar Account Viewer or Exodus, as you already mentioned. This requires a connection to your Trezor and to the correct wallet in Trezor. If your wallet’s balance is 0 (zero), then you’re accessing the wrong wallet or don’t have a valid connection.

That’s unlikely. It’s more likely that you connect to the wrong wallet. If you used a Hidden wallet to store your XLM then you must use the correct Passphrase to open that wallet in Trezor connect. If you used the Standard wallet in your Trezor, then perhaps you’ve reset it later and created a new wallet? I don’t know. Similar things could happen if you re-installed either Stellar Account Viewer or Exodus after transferring your XLM to Trezor and any local (not Trezor) Passphrases or Recovery seeds in these wallets were changed by that process.

You could contact Stellar Account Viewer support and/or Exodus support. Support for these 3rd party wallets is out of the scope of this forum.