Unable to Stake ADA directly from Trezor Suites

I tried to stake ADA thru Trezor Suite but it show “Cardano Staking is NOT Active”.
The delegate button us greyed out “Cannot reach Trezor stake pool to delegate on”.
Please advise.

please share a screenshot of this error. Thanks.

Please assist on this matter

Apologies for late answer, try to update to latest Suite or use the web version: https://suite.trezor.io/web/

If it persists, please open a ticket here: https://trezor.io/support/technical/

Hello, how do i unstake my staked ADA in trezor suite. Thanks.

Hi @_Daily_Dealz

please check and read carefully this is staking with adalite opensource wallet. (can also do with yoroi, this one I have used, its a browser extension wallet from emurgo)

I also found this

but I don’t think it’s possible yet thats why I give the adalite link

Just remenber either way to first test both methods, transfer in/out a small amount of funds

Test your seeds and backups
Be carefull with passphrases, misspelling a typo opens a new empty wallet. There are no wrong passphrases.

Good Luck :fist_right: :muscle:

ohh no!

@_Daily_Dealz I miss read your question.

you want to unstake

I am almost certain that on Suite cardano wallet, staking tab you should have the option to undelegate. But I don’t have access to Trezor suite right now.

You don’t need to undelegate your funds to move or to relegate them.

good luck