Unable to connect to Binance Chain

Hello. A year ago I had transfered some funds from Binance .com to Binance Chain (not Binance Smart Chain).

At the time, I used binance .org to connect my Trezor T and create a wallet on the blockchain, then I transfered the funds.

I’m now trying to connect again, but I’m unable to. I see that Binance had enhanced their DEX and now the default wallet is Binance Wallet. I installed it, but it doesn’t have option to connect to Trezor.

WalletConnect is also supported by Binance, but according to github com/trezor/trezor-suite/issues/3260 Trezor doesn’t support it.

I tried then the “original way to connect”, which is still available and supports Trezor. But it opens a popup to connect.trezor io/8/popup.html, it keeps loading and nothing happens.

So, what can I do? Could anybody make these tests and see if it works?

I was using FireFox Quantum. I installed a clean Chrome on a VM then it worked using the “original way to connect”.