Unable to access coinjoin funds after latest software update

Everything was fine until the latest Trezor software update. The software wouldn’t open and would just hang indefinitely when i tried to open. I restarted the computer and tried again. The software said there was an error and gave the option to clear cache which i did. After clearing the cache, i was able to open the trezor software and see my transaction history but my coinjoin account is no longer visible, and all my btc was in the coinjoin account. I don’t see any option to enable the coinjoin account because it was removed with this latest update.

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Resolved. It was simply that I need to re-add Coinjoin account (I thought it would be auto-detected), and when I tried to add Coinjoin account, it is hidden underneath “Bitcoin” so I needed to add another Bitcoin account and then select Coinjoin in the submenu.