"Uknown amount of Tokens" screen confirmation using Metamask

I know we can add only ERC-20 tokens to be recogzined by Trezor

But just to make sure everything is ok with my linked Metamask wallet.

On transferring BUSD for example, Trezor recognizes and shows the BNB amount for gas just fine, but BUSD is shown as Unknown both the Token and the Amount being transferred.

Is it normal behavior?

It felt weird at first to confirm that on screen at first even though it worked.

I thought since BNB is shown correctly BUSD would as well as they’re binance main tokens.

My question is if its normal, every token confirmation will be like that so Trezor just works as a 2FA you physically confirm, but everything else is handled by metamask, trust the amount shown on Metamasks interface as an unlinked wallet.