U.S. Trezor Device Shipping Address

Hello. I’d like someone from Trezor to let me know where your products ship from in the U.S. I received mine today and just want to confirm it came directly from you.

Same here. Ordered from trezor.io, paid in local currency *EUR yet received a tracking number from USPS. Contacted support and they stated they have warehouses in the US. Well, if all else is true, all devices sold in the US have backdoors in them. Waiting to see official reply. if we can know who the “official” is. Thinking of returning these.

we confirmed it for you and we clearly state it here and on our support page.

no they don’t. All devices come straight from our production. They are stocked in US for logistical reasons. Trezor is fully open source and anybody can check the code on Github, feel free to do that.