Two secret wallets with the same passphrase

Hi, I wanted to enter to the secret wallet but by mistake I created another secret wallet with the same passphrase as the previous one. Now it won’t let me access either one or the other.
What can I do to access the first secret wallet I created??

Heiii @juzzep

Not possible to create the same wallet (recovery/seed words + passphrase) twice.

Or you have same recovery/seed words different passphrase or same passphrase different recovery/seed words.

If you enter same recovery/seed words + same passphrase you will always get same wallet.

What I suspect you have done done is misspelled when entering passphrase on one of the times and now you are accessing two different wallets.

Check here how passphrase works:

Ps: there are bo wrong passphrase, any thing you type on passphrase field will generate a new wallet.
If you enter the same passphrase you will access your wallet