Trying to recover Theta sent from Binance to Trezor

Hello, probably noob issue, but could not find help in existing thread despite that I do not seem to be the only one with similar issue.

  • Setup brand new Trezor yesterday;
  • Tested sending some Theta from binance: transaction confirmed and completed, to the correct Trezor adress, but does not show in Trezor.
  • Created Metamask wallet, connected my Trezor.
  • Created Binance Smart Chain network, sent some BNB (received) and some Theta (still not visible)
  • Imported into Theta Wallet using my Trezor passphrase: wallet empty.
    Are these token definitely lost?

Thanks in advance for your help

Hi @chris

What network did you use when transferring your coins ?
Thank you

Actually I guess I used the Theta network, which I understand now I should not have used. But the transaction is completed on my receiving adress, but when I import this wallet into Theta wallet (by importiong mnemonic) it says it is empty.
thank you for your patience

Could you please answer my PM and provide the TxID ? thank you in advance :wink:

Thank you.

Now, when you connect your Trezor to Theta wallet, do you see any transaction history ?
Also, what is the receiving address if you generate one ?

I went to, entered my 12 word phrases from Trezor, and the wallet is empty (no transaction) . If I generate receiving adress in Theta wallet, I get 0xD4b40A7d99F65Ef29D518a9bAB79fB9758A55825.
Initially I sent my theta from binance to the adress shown in screenshot above

First of all, there is no need to enter your seed phrase when connecting your Trezor with the Theta wallet. All you need to do is to export your public keys, enter passphrase (if enabled and used) and choose desired address.

If you are not able to access address in question (0x51fb…0734) you are using different passphrase than you used when accessing the wallet where you generated the receiving address in the first place.

Please note that to access this hidden wallet repeatedly, you will have to use the exact same passphrase in combination with the recovery seed on the device


Thanks a bunch, now I have my Theta in theta wallet. So I will only be able to access them through Theta wallet, and not through Trezor Suite?