Trouble with trezor + metamask

Hello, I made hidden trezor wallet via passphrase, I was using metamask and when I was importing my address, I used “trezor testnets”. For now I can see my coins in metamask, but I really dont know how to send them from my testnets wallet? I lost everything I sent to this hidden wallet?

As you may see its imported, but when im trying to send my coins trezor just wont show me approve button. Pls help

Can you tell me where did you get these eth? How much did it cost?

what do you mean? I got ETH from binance, I just sent it to my ETH address that I got from trezor

Do you know how to get access to trezor testnets wallet?

Can you see coins if you choose eth mainnet?

yes I can. I can delete this ETH address and import it again, but cant send nothing. Be sure Im not got scammed or smth like that, I just cant send them via trezor, idk why. I was thought ‘trezor testnets’ option is more safily bcs I trust trezort, but now im really scared abot I lost 50% of by balance :confused:

First screen - proof I have acces to my wallet, but in the same time I cant get access.
Second screen - I used standart ERC20 tokens, first 0.013 PAXG transaction - I was checking If Ill get coins to my new wallet. Next transactions - mains. But unfortunately, I didnt check If I can send it back, but I didnt thought its gona happen

a second one screen:

What is ‘Trezor Testnets’ at all? There is no info about that

Are you unable to send coins using the eth mainnet?

If I remember correctly, in older versions of the trezor web wallet there was an option for Trezor Testnets.

I can try, but my device “Trezor T” just doesnt show me transaction to verify it. here you can see:

I can get it and see it, but when I try to send just nothing happened

Maybe try another browser?

@Podpivas go to Trezor Suite, settings, Device and set Safety checks to prompt, then send the coins.

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when I try to connect to trezor suite with my passphrase its says my balance is empty, but its not empty. Its have transactions on etherscan. Its have tokens, but trezor suite wont see my ‘trezor testnets’ address

add ETH ropsten in setttings, Coins in Suite.

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I mean, its shows me not that address which one I use. see:

I deleted image bcs site not allow me to add more.

Trezor suite show me this one, but I need another

I need this one:
Image deleted again

Previous screen you had see - which one trezor suite can see, but I need this one

Also I cant chatting anymore for 24 nexr hrs, why here so much limits?

I did:


In general i didnt got solution. I stil dunno how to get access to “Trezor Testnets” wallet, but im always get access to bip44 standart wallet. As you may see I can import both addresses, but I need trezor testnets address, which one keep my tokens

Its shows me first address (bip44)

But I need secont one, Trezor testnets

Someone with simmilar issue:

I had try to send my coins via MEW, but Its says “forbidden key path”. Whats problem?

Please read my posts…in Suite, go to settings, crypto, and enable ETH Testnet

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summarize your issue clearly in one or two posts…if you still have issue, open a ticket please:

I am having problems as well. I downloaded the suite app and plugged in my Tresor For the first time in over a year After having loaded it up with crypto and all the crypto is gone. My friend had the same thing happened to her. She said that it appears that the crypto is there but it shows a balance of zero. How could they match the app so bad to make your crypto disappear the minute you download it

Is the missing coin you are referring to the token in the eth wallet?

Same thing happened to me. What is going on?