Trezord demon shows you are a trezor user

I think this is not good for security. you might hide your trezor but your computer will show you have it

not sure which would be the best solution. uninstall/install seems the worst UX

If a hacker get access to your computer and see you use Trezor because (s)he notice the “trezord” process/deamon running, that’s the least of your problems. A hacker cannot do much with your funds unless (s)he knows your private seed or have access to your Trezor device and know your PIN and any Passphrase you may use. What a hacker can do, however, is for instance, install a keylogger in your PC and thereby gain access to your Passphrase, for example.

A general advice is to install a firewall and anti-virus software (wich also blocks other malware) and follow Best practices.

I guess SatoshiLabs could’ve named the deamon “rosebud” or something instead of “trezord” but it wouldn’t last long before that name too was widely known to be connected to Trezor. Many times Community support must ask a user if they see the deamon running in Task Manager (Windows). If they asked “Do you see ‘rosebud’ running in Task Manager?” the secret would be out … Besides, I guess (I haven’t checked though) that since Trezor is open-source then the name of the deamon is stated in the source.

So the deamon’s name is really no secret at all and adding obscurity as a layer to security wouldn’t work in this instance. :slight_smile:


this is all about preventing a $5 wrench attack. no traces of HW would be helpful

thinking on your idea of a different name…an option to rename the demon with a custom name of your choice can do the trick

obviously… advanced hackers can run a script to test each process and each binary file in the drive to see if it’s a HW demon. anyway. I think custom demon name is a good improvement