Trezor won t save my USDC adres that i added from Etherscan when i log in again

Hi, i have a problem with USDC adres on trezor. After i copied USDC adres from Etherscan and added it ,it seemed allright , showing 0$ as i never bought any eth or had and USDC on my trezor.
The problem is that after i first added USDC adres i sent USDC from Ledn ( to be speciffic) to my trezor. So transaction is confrimed on Ledn and USDC is gone and while i was w8ing for it to arive on trezor i disconectted id fwe hours later.
And when i came back on my Trezor Suite to chek is USDC here, my USDC adres was not there and there was no my total in USDC token. what shoud i do ? Thank you.

Are you sure you are using the erc20 chain to transfer money?Please confirm the most important point first!

Now it looks allright, but whenever i disconect my trezor, USDC total will dissapear.

Sure then to receive USDC i used ETH adres. Now my question is ( if all steps are corect) , is my USDC balance supposted to dissapear if 0$ is ballance when i log out ?

can you provide actual transaction ID? What is your Trezor ETH receive address? Is it same as where you sent the tokens?

The token will disappear only if there is no actual balance, which would suggest you are looking into wrong address.

Sure it is, i copied my Eth adres and cheked it , and passted it to Led

n, So as far it goes its done Jan 12.

can you please provide transaction ID? We really can’t help without it…

I can PM you if you want to share it privately

It would be great, Pls pm me.

Actually , here it is 0x90efc7656f022Af3455172536c880463B49a3931

Hey forgi, sry ran out of messages per day…
So i found it , here it is 0x90efc7656f022Af3455172536c880463B49a3931

that is just the same thing you already sent, that is not transaction ID, it is the wallet address and it is empty

If that is the wallet you see in Suite, you are looking into the wrong one

Didn’t expect this to happen

could be different chain or something else, but not possible to tell without tx id, but if he sent it to that address on ERC20 chain it would show up…so probably sent to to a different address

I talked to my frend and we cheked on eth blockchain, Trasnaction is pending on Ledn so thats why i don t have ID Yet. My onlly problem is that will i be able to receive USDC token on my wallet if my USDC token icon keep vanishing every time i reconect to my Trezor.( My receive ETH adres is allways the same).
Btw, its rare to see this active Community support, props to u guys xD

I think the reason why USDC disappears every time you disconnect it should be that you did not choose to remember the wallet, whether it is a standard wallet or a hidden wallet, as shown in the picture, there will be an option at the back. If you choose to remember the wallet, the next time you enter the eth in it, you should not need to add the token that has been added again.

Even if you have never added USDC to your eth wallet, as long as you send USDC coins to your eth address through the erc20 network, the coins will be credited to your account.
The difference is that after the account, if you don’t add it, you can’t see it intuitively.
After arrival, even if you delete USDC from your token list, USDC is still stored in your eth wallet. You just can’t see it on the screen, that’s all.

If you’re using your own computer and don’t care if your roommate can see the balance in your wallet, then all you need to do is unplug the cable from the computer.
This thing is not a USB flash drive, so you don’t need to worry about the problem that it will be damaged by forcibly pulling it out. You don’t need to hit EJECT every time you want to disconnect from your computer.
EJECT is to let the suite on the computer forget the wallet you are connected to. The object of EJECT is the wallet account, not the trezor device itself.

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Understood, will try that as soon as possible ^^