Trezor wallet wiped after new firmware installation and recovery seed wouldn't bring it back

Hi Guys

Can anyone help me pls?

My Trezor wallet got wiped after I did a new firmware installation today 5th Dec 2021. I have gone to recover the wallet using my recovery seed and it’s still showing me 0 coins. What can I do? I have emailed support.

If you have a support ticket, please write your Ticket ID in this forum. If you haven’t open a ticket yet, please open a ticket at Thank you!

Hi Petosiris

No ticket number as yet. I have emailed support via the support portal. I guess they will email me back with a ticket number.

Thanks for jumping in

Hi @Petosiris

do you know how long it takes to get a ticket number? I have added 2 yesterday morning but have not received an email or an auto receipt with a ticket number. I read it normally takes a couple of hours.

Thanks appreciate you and your time

Hi @Ivan1,

You should receive an auto-reply almost immediately after you submit a Ticket request. The Ticket ID will be mentioned in the Subject header. If you don’t see this auto-reply in your inbox, please look in your spam folder if it’s there. If you’ve submitted more than one support request, please mention all the Ticket IDs when you’re talking to a support representative the first time, so they can merge your support cases into one.

I don’t think you’ll get an auto-reply if you simply emailed support directly, but I don’t know since I’ve never tried that myself. I’m pretty sure you won’t get assigned a Ticket ID then anyway.

Hi @Petosiris

Thanks for emailing me.

Using a different email I now instantly got a ticket number ID: 112678. There was nothing in spam previously btw.

again thanks for your time buddy.


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issue has been fixed. I have 2 seeds. Forgot about one. Money recovered. User error. No issue with wallets or firmware update.