Trezor and trezor suite

Hi! Is it normal that in trezor suite and on the site do I have different bitcoin wallet addresses?why is that?

No, that’s not normal. If you access the same wallet and account, they show identical contents, so it means you’re accessing a different wallet in this case.

What did I do wrong?I bought trezor, went to the site and set up a completely wallet through the web interface. Next, I downloaded the Suite and there was already another Bitcoin address there. How critical is it that I have different addresses? Is everything all right?

I’m not sure I understand what you mean. Do you say that after a new setup of your Trezor you discovered a Bitcoin account which wasn’t yours, but already there? Or do you recognize the Bitcoins as yours in Trezor Suite but don’t see them in the web wallet?

yes, this!!!

Then you’re accessing a different wallet on Did you make a Passphrase for a Hidden wallet? If so, it’s important to enter the Passphrase exactly as you created it. If you don’t use a Passphrase then just skip it (leave it blank) when asked for it and you’ll access your Standard wallet.

there is no code phrase

Maybe this was due to the fact that after buying Trezora, I did not immediately install Trezor Suite, but went to the web wallet and configured it there. Is this possible? After that, I opened the Trezor Suite on a ready-made, configured Trezore with a bitcoin wallet

No, it doesn’t matter if you set up your Trezor in the web wallet and later installed Trezor Suite and opened your wallet there. I did the same when I received my new Trezor in June and it worked perfectly.

So long as you access the same device with the same private seed, it will always show you the same wallet. The only explanation is that you access a different wallet.

Do you have the Passphrase feature enabled in Trezor Suite’s Device settings?

I did not include this functionality, only 24 words

Yes, I understand that you don’t use it but have you enabled it in the settings, as in turned it ON in Settings → Device → Security?

Hello, how do I get to the old, where can I find my transaction history? I don’t like the suite very much. Thanks

We have never used such URL so this could have been some phishing site.
If you want to use old web interface, go to:
However keep in mind that some coins are not supported there (such as ETH) and this interface will get slowly deprecated anyway.

@alexL8686 are your Suite addresses all starting with “bc1” and your Wallet addresses all start with “3”?

That is normal, Suite defaults to the new Native Segwit (bech32) account, which has lower fees. This is not supported on Wallet though.

You should be able to see the same “3” addresses in Suite if you add a new account and select “Segwit” type.

All addresses in Suite Trezor start with BC1

Hi @alexL8686

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