Trezor wallet shows another wallet

Please tell me, I transferred altcoins to a wallet from the exchange, but this wallet is not displayed, I can’t find it in Trezor Suite can I restore it? I tried to log in with a passphrase, there is no wallet leather.I have a wallet address can it help me to restore it?

Hi @Ant89

As all addressed, accounts and wallets are derived from private keys (represented by recovery seed and passphrase, if used) you are using different seed or passphrase (or both) than you did when you generated and used the receiving address in the first place.
That’s why you are now accessing different wallet (that doesn’t contain the address in question).

What cryptocurrency have you transferred from exchange ?

I have transferred BTC and still LTC can’t get into the wallet,maybe there is some way to restore it?

Can you see the address in question (where you have previously sent our funds to in Trezor Suite) ?

no, I don’t see it in Trezor Suite

So you are accessing different wallet.

You have to use exactly the same recovery seed (Trezor device) and passphrase as you did when you created that address in the first place.

Question: is hacking possible in my situation?
I have two hidden Trezor wallets. I actively used the last two days, the passwords are simple, I definitely could not forget.
I go into one wallet normally. The following happened to another:
I transferred funds there and exchanged 100 usdt for bitcoin in the exchanger built into Trezor. I confirmed the operation and, without waiting for a response, removed the Trezor from the computer. After 5-10 minutes, I could no longer enter this hidden wallet. Writes: the wallet is empty, enter the code word to confirm the wallet. Updated Trezor - still does not see. What could be wrong? I remember my password 100%

no, you either entering wrong passphrase or the exchange did not happen fully and your wallet is in fact empty. I can see you have a ticket, we will respond to that, will need more details.