Trezor vs. Ledger: Generating multiple ETH address with 0 balance

Can we generate multiple new ETH receiving addresses on Trezor - even if all previous ETH addresses we have already generated have a 0 balance / have 0 transactions?

I.e. can we generate e.g. 10 different ETH receiving addresses on Trezor, all without previous balance or transactions?

I am asking because Ledger does not allow this. Ledger forces you to have at least 1 previous transaction on each address, before being able to generate a new address.

hi @degen

In Trezor Suite you can add new Ethereum account only if the previous one has been used.
The limit is 10 accounts per wallet.

However, you can use any other compatible third-party app such as MEW, MetaMask, MyCrypto etc. to use generated addresses in any order.