Trezor Viability

So far I’m ecstatic with me TREZOR wallet!
However after having experienced the loss of crypto via VOYAGER’s demise to the tune of about $500 before I could the balances out in time and hodled in cold storage via TREZOR…Here’s my happens if TREZOR goes bye-bye too???

Will I lose all of my BTC, as I did with VOYAGER???

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Your bitcoin is not stored on trezor they are stored on the blockchain.

If anything happens to Trezor all you need os your recovery/seed words.
If your wallet is a hidden wallet then you will have to have the passphrase associated with that hidden wallet.

Just remember to have your recovery/seed words (+passphrase if you created one) safely stored offline.
You can always recover your wallet with these.

Please check
Recovery seed


Hope this helps

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