Trezor T imported one of three MM accounts and missing tokens and nodes

I recently purchased a Trezor T after having lots of problems with a Ledger and this is what people were recommending. I have predominately Nodes in my MM. I. have imported my seed phrase and set up a pin but only one of my accounts has imported a few things. Eg it has imported one of my tokens but none of my Nodes or other tokens. THe other 2 accounts which have both tokens and nodes in them are not there at all. They are mostly AVAX based. I have tried to look around for information but am a bit lost and cannot work out what has happened. Thanks for your help

Hi @rissybobo,

I haven’t tried it myself, so I don’t know if MM supports AVAX. Since MM is out of the scope of these forums you’d have to do you own research about this.

Also please see this post: Adding AVAX to Trezor suite - #2 by Petosiris