Trezor T firmware update 2.5.3 legitimate?

Hello, I logged onto my Trezor Suite and was informed I had a Trezor T firmware update when I connected available 2.5.3. I accepted the update but now cannot see anything on your twitter space or forum about it. Please confirm this was legitimate. Thank you.

I just checked with my Trezor T and I wasn’t prompted to update Firmware when I connected the device and launched Trezor suite (desktop). When I look in Settings → Device → Firmware → Version, it says 2.5.2 and that it’s Up to date. If I click on the Up to date button, it prompts me if I want to update from version 2.5.2 to 2.5.2.

So no 2.5.3 Firmware is available to me anyway.

Are you running Bitcoin only Firmware, by any chance? I’m using the general Firmware. Maybe the Bitcoin only Firmware has been updated but not the general version?

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I can’t find anything on github that mentions a new update, nor in trezor blog product updates

Latest update on trezor Trezor Blog

Agreed this is the version I am running on T and also don’t get any update prompt.

@titodomingo can you confirm your post.

Where did you get the info to update? Trezor Suite desktop App?

Can you confirm like @Petosiris said

on your Trezor suite app the version you are currently running?
If you mmay can you also share a screenshot of this?

Thanks :muscle:

@Petosiris I also have a T running only bitcoin firmware and also update to at 2.5.2

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OK, thanks for confirming that the Bitcoin only Firmware has same version version number as the standard Firmware, @rimaS. :+1:

New Trezor Suite version 22.11.1 in Early Access Program was released yesterday, and it bundles firmware 2.5.3.

So if you’re in EAP, this is a legitimate update.

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@matejcik i was waiting for a reply from you. Thanks

Can you share the github link to follow these versions because I tried to look it up and saw nothing.

Is github the trezor/firmware monorepo?
If so where can I check the releases like the example bellow


Perhaps this info should be easily available in these forums, on the top of the index page at, or on the homepage at

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here is the changelog:

This code is currently in a separate branch release/22.11 until the full release when it will be merged back into master.

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Ohhh ok because I also looked in the change log and didn’t see it.


‘General’ = Universal

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