Trezor T bought from Amazon


Last august I bought this specific Trezor T from amazon:

and decided to finally use it.

I just want to make sure if this seller is legit and the device is not tampered.

I would appreciate any response.
Thank you.

I don’t know if it is safe or not. The easiest way is to repeatedly record the mnemonic phrase on the wip device and repeatedly produce new wallets.
If the mnemonic words generated each time are different and are available, it means that the wallet is indeed generated randomly, indicating that the device is safe.

So to do this, I have to setup my trezor (install firmware, etc) add a wallet, write down the phrase, wipe the trezor, and do it again? Sorry I don’t have any first hand experience on setting up trezor, I only watched a few youtube videos.

Specifically if your device is safe, it is recommended to ask the community administrator how to identify it