Trezor T and ERC20 tokens

I would like to add the Digix Dao (DGD) token ERC20 to Trezor T, but after entering the addresses of this token, a message will appear stating that the address is invalid.

Is there a way to solve it?

Hi @petrxyzet

Please add the token using following address:


Hello MichalZ,
Thank you. I used the address you provided, dgd appeared as an added token, but the tokens I recently transferred from the exodus wallet unfortunately did not appear. It should be this contract 0xe0b7927c4af23765cb51314a0e0521a9645f0e2a but it is wrong, it is said that it is no longer supported

@ petrxyzet did you have any luck with this? Were you able to find a solution? I have a similar problem.

my problem has been solved. I linked mine trezor T with a metamask and the dgd tokens were visible in the metamask. At the same time, the metamask allows you to burn dgd tokens to the ether…