Trezor Suites want to connect to websites without valid certificate

Hello, version 23.11.2 on github is not available on the the official trezor webiste
on trezor website the last available version is 23.10.1

why is so ?

Trezor suite wants to update to 23.11.2 and kaspersky is telling that there is NO valid certificate for :
www dot iuk33gxyzkx dot com
www dot 7wpe74cljqeosxh7lfcc4e dot com

these sites do NOT look legit where did you get these links, were these from the suite software, or an email telling you about the new version?


23.11.2 is avaialble on offcial website

There was an issue with some antivirus SW in some previous versions but we will check with our developers.

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I got this warning from Kaspersky Endpoint Protection Cloud which is warning me that:

executed from:
C:\Users\pabom\AppData\Local\Programs\Trezor Suite\resources\bin\tor
is reaching a website:
(www dot iuk33gxyzkx dot com)
without a valid certificate chain.

I also attached a screenshot in my previous reply to you but it must be approved by an admin i think.

I got it from Kaspersky Endpoint Protection Cloud

Okay maybe these are just domains of tor nodes and tor doesn’t use normal CA certs for their encryption? I am not deep enough in tor to be able tomsay much about that

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i dont know like you, this is why I am here

This is Tor related. tor client connects to weird IPs which can have weird hostnames