Trezor Suite upgrades and Trezor website

Hello,while using Trezor Model T on Trezor suite on internet how will I understand exactly I am at the right website?Lastly I really want to know whether I should do some updates to keep my crypto safe for months.Is it safe to create wallet put passphrase and wait for years without doing anything?Can I be sure that if no one takes my keys, my crypto will be in wallet after two years without making any upgrade?

I’m not sure I understand what you mean by “the right website”. If it’s a website that support connecting a Trezor device to your account on that website, they’ll use the official connection software to do that and you’ll see the funds you have in Trezor.

Once you have your crypto stored in the blockchain(s) they can reside there for months and years without any maintenence whatsoever - except if the coin you have do a so-called hard fork, and at the same time abandoning the old blockchain, then you may have to take action to move your coins to a new blockchain before the old one is abandoned, but that is rare and not something you should worry about in normal circumstances.

It’s when you want to use your Trezor that you’d want to be updated with the latest Firmware and use the latest Trezor bridge, if you use it with 3rd party wallets. Trezor is only a machine tool, like any computer, and therefore its software should be updated when you use it.

As for Passphrases, I wouldn’t recommend using them unless you understand how they work. They’re meant to be an extra security feature for you, if you want that, but if you forget or mistype your Passphrase it can be problematic at least, and devastating at worst.

You need to keep your private keys (and Passphrase, if used) safe and hidden from others. Never give out your private key to anyone, if they ask for it to be able to help you. They don’t need your private keys to help you and if they say they do, then they’re scammers who want to steal your money.

It’s important to read about crypto in general and especially the coins you’re interested in, before you do any transactions with your Trezor. Only when you’re sure what you do, you should perform the transaction involving your crypto money - not before. If you’re unsure about anything, please ask here first, in this forum. It’s better to ask one time too much that one time too little.

I’d advice you to read the Trezor wiki and Trezor blog. You can also search this forum for specific topics if you want to see what others have learned.

Also, see Pavel’s earlier reply to you: Is it safe to use Trezor with a third-party wallet? - #4 by pavel.