Trezor Suite stuck transaction - no RBF option

I have a low nonce transaction stuck while transferring some USDC. Gas price was too low apparently. Going on 4 days of this transaction being stuck. The bump fee option isn’t showing in Trezor Suite. In fact, this transaction, and another one after it, are not showing up in the suite at all. I can find them on etherscan, but have no way within the suite to cancel or bump fee.

This is not a great experience and the gas prices seem out of control. I’m willing to pay to unstick the transaction but can’t. If there’s a suggestion on how to do this in the Trezor Suite, please suggest. Otherwise this is a frustrating developer bug. There should be a disclaimer if you set the price too low that the transaction may get stuck.

Edit: It is possible to bump the fee for ETH transactions in Trezor Suite:

Please search the forums and see if you can find an answer to your issue.

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I searched the forums and unfortunately did not find a Trezor suite answer to this problem. I also understood that ETH was to be getting RBF functionality.

Yes, you’re right and I was wrong. It is indeed possible to use the RBF feature for ETH also now. Sorry, my bad!

So, after searching again for answers in the forums myself, I think your issue would need to be handled in a Support Ticket, using this form: Then post your Ticket ID in this forum thread. Please don’t post your transaction ID here though, but send that in an email to support once you’ve made contact through the Ticket.

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Hi @L82theparty

See a video in the post below explaining the problem.

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Thank you!
Appreciate the link and advice.