Trezor suite shows different Zcash wallet balance than some Zcash block explorers

The Trezor suite (tested both on Mac and linux) shows a different ZEC (zcash) wallet balance compared to if I input the same wallet address on Zcash block explorers (tried 2 different) and check the balance. I have the latest version of Trezor suite installed and have always used the latest firmware.

There is one transaction (real amounts are different than in this example) that I have sent in June - 15 ZEC, and Zcash block explorers show that I have sent 115 ZEC with that one transaction - 15 ZEC to one address, 100 ZEC to another address, with only one transaction from my wallet. In reality I thought I sent 15 ZEC only, so Trezor suite wallet balance looks correct to me, but when I enter my wallet address on well known Zcash block explorers (tried 2 different), they are showing me that I have sent out 115 ZEC with that one transaction.

How is this possible? And what is the true balance of this wallet? Which one to trust? Trezor suite or Zcash block explorers?

Hi, your balance is correct, what you are referring to is similar to a change address situation like Bitcoin.

Your transaction consists of 115 ZEC input but you only spent the 15 that you wanted, the rest is a “change” and remains in your wallet just at a different address.

More info here: What are zk-SNARKs? | Zcash

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You are right. I created a new wallet and tranfered all the funds to a new wallet. It turned out that Trezor Suite was displaying the correct wallet balance and two Zcash block explorers that I tried earlier were displaying a wrong balance of that wallet. But it’s interesting that some Zcash block explorers are apparently unable to interpret the situation correctly and display a wrong balance.

This is one of the block explorers that displayed the balance wrong: Zcash Explorer — Blockchair

you were most likely just checking one address the previous one, that is why. You can see all your receive addresses in the history

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