Trezor Suite security

I intend to use my new Trezor One Wallet preferably but not only for Ethereum. However its basic default currency is Bitcoin. Installation of Trezor Suite seems could be a good solution. I like it, but only its beta version is available. Can it be considered as a reliable and secure application to manage cryptocurrencies in my wallet without risk? Should I better wait for a final version or to use some third-party application? If so which of them could be recommended?

Current version of Trezor Suite is still in beta and occasional minor errors or glitches should be expected along the way. Once initial issues have been resolved and a stable version is released, Trezor Wallet will redirect to Trezor Suite and you will be able to download the latest version of the app from there. Until then, it is still safe to use Trezor Suite and play with its features as much as you like.

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Many thanks for a useful information.

Sorry for my additional request for your kind explanation.

I understand your response that Trezor Suite beta version is a reliable and secure tool (excluding minor errors) to control funds, manage balances , perform transfers… It may be used for secure receiving/making payments or preserving crypto currencies with Trezor One wallet without danger. Do I understand well? (I am a bit confused with „play with its features“ that sounds me more as a phase of testing.)

Thank you in advance.

sorry for the vague answer.
As already mentioned Suite is reliable and secure tool for accessing your funds and sending/receiving coins. However some functions might not be working properly yet. So if you’re in doubt feel free to use any other open source app such as Electrum.

Beta versions of the wallet (or Suite) are secure in the sense that you won’t lose coins, expose keys, etc.

It’s beta because you might encounter bugs.

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