Trezor Suite safe online?

I am new to BTC and have set up my Trezor (seed, PIN etc) without a problem. As soon as I had installed Trezor Suite I shut off the network on my computer during this process.
So far I have not purchased any Bitcoins.
Question: is it safe to use Trezor Suite and remain online all the time while one’s Trezor device is attached to one’s computer?
Or … is best practice to only go online when absolutely required (i.e. if buying or receiving BTC) and stay offline (e.g. via “airplane” mode) when working with Trezor Suite & a connected Trezor device?

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Hello @nu1art,

There is no issue with using the Suite with the Trezor device connected and being online.

Your funds can’t leave your wallet if the transaction is not confirmed on the display of your Trezor device, such a thing could only happen when your recovery seed is compromised because anybody can clone your wallet and send the funds out if they get hold of your recovery seed.

If your recovery seed is safely stored and you never digitalized it(a photo of the seed, keeping it in the Word document on your computer, etc), your funds are safe.

You can check more about this topic on our website:

Thanks. Concept understood. And am I correct that since the recovery seed is only entered on the device itself (and processed by the device chip I would think) there is no chance of this seed ever being compromised from “outside” - i.e. beyond the device ?

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Hello @nu1art,

You are correct, the seed is stored safely on your Trezor device, and it can’t be compromised from the outside, as the recovery seed is always submitted through the device, not on your computer through keyboard or mouse.