Trezor suite problem

I have been receiving the prompts to update suite to 24.2.4 but today the prompts stopped. So I went into settings and updates and I am still on an older version but it’s telling me there are no new updates. So two questions.

1 - Why have the prompts to update to 24.2.4 stopped?

2 - Why is it telling me that there are no new updates despite the fact that I am still in an older version of suite?

Is there a problem here to be concerned about?

Please help. Thanks very much.

Hi there. Would love a quick response to this. Thanks so much :pray::pray:

The update should be rolled out to all users now, try again, or download manually.

Thanks for coming back to me. Appreciate it.

What update should I expect to see now? I was being prompted to go to 24.2.4 but then the prompts stopped which surprised me.

Also, I am paranoid about my Suite becoming malicious somehow. If that was the case - what’s the worst that could happen? Could my seed be extracted? Or is switching addresses when sending coins the worst that could happen.

Someone once said that a legit trezor device would not communicate with a malicious suite. Is that true?

Would love your thoughts.


Restart your app, your Suite is not malicious if it wasn’t until now and apps cannot extract seed.

Or uninstall and download manually and verify:

Will the restart trigger a prompt for the latest update? It didn’t do that when I closed it and reopened a couple of days back.
I won’t reinstall the suite because I’ve been using the current one for a while and it’s been ok so I think it’s safer to stick with it than download new stuff.

yes, it should prompt for the update

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If it doesn’t is that a sign that it could be dodgy?

To check - do you mean restart or reset in settings? thanks