Trezor Suite on TAILS OS


is there a possibilty to use Trezor on Tails? I have the problem to install the Trezor bridge?

Thank you very much

Hi @ranieder,

If you mean this - Token Tails, then yes, since it’s an ERC-20 token and all ERC-20 tokens are supported by Trezor.

See here for more info about how to add an ERC-20 token to your Trezor and how to Receive them from other places into Trezor.

What’s your problem with installing Trezor bridge? Remember you can use Trezor suite for desktop, which has Trezor bridge inbuilt.

OP is not asking about the token Tails. OP is asking about Tails OS.

Trezor used to work very well with Tails OS but not anymore.

The last few days when trying Trezor Suit inside Tails OS it won’t connect through TOR. TOR does work and the TOR Browser communicate with the outside world (meaning outside Tails OS) so something is not right with Trezor Suit. As always installing the iptables through a window and turning on TOR from within Trezor Suit and it should work but Trezor Suit will not connect.

Think its time the Lab makes the .appimage fully compliant with Tails OS in the same way as Electrum is or for that matter Featherwallet. Having to use bridges and whatnot seems wrong. If other wallets can communicate from within Tails OS without special requirements Trezor Suit should as well. But just so you know it, Ledger fails as well. And they have less support on it than the Lab.

A hardware wallet should be the safest way to store crypto. Tails OS is one, if not, the most secure and privacy oriented operating system. These two should work together perfectly. Always!

See if you don’t know what Tails OS is.

you can try using trezorctl, since it should be built in Tails

or try the web version, it should also work via Tor browser.

Or follow this guide:

Has anyone been able to get Trezor Bridge running on Linux Tails (which, to my understanding, you need to run Trezor Suite)? The sunknudsen guide doesn’t mention anything about Trezor Bridge.

This is the missing piece for me to have this setup successful.


Bridge is built into Trezor Suite so you don’t need to install Trezor Bridge separatly.
At least it’s like that in Windows so I assume it’s the same for Linux.

I’m experiencing the same issue. I need to download the bridge onto Linux Tails but it won’t let me install it. I just see a files I can extract and when i try to extract them nothing happens and I can’t install the bridge. Any help would be appreciated.