Trezor Suite not saving added ETH tokens

When I add an ERC20 token to my ETH account using the contract address it shows up fine, but once I close the app and reopen the added tokens are no longer listed in my ETH account. Any Idea why this is happening?

Hi are you using the latest version of Trezor Suite ?

I am. I’m going to try moving some ERC20 tokens over today and see if it will keep the Added Tokens list intact.

alright, please get back to me here with an outcome. Thank you

Ok, added a new token contract # (shiba inu) and was successfully added. Disconnected Trezor and closed out Trezor Suite. Reopened Suite and the Token was not there. Then I re-added the Shib contract # and transferred over a small amount of the ERC20 token. I closed out Trezor Suite and the Trezor, reconnected again and the Shib Token was showing under the ETH account. So I guess you have to have tokens in the wallet in order for it to appear.

thank you for your feedback.
This is actually Suite’s expected behavior so there is nothing to worry about.

No user would ever see this as an expected behavior. Why even go to the trouble of adding them if they don’t stay? Might as well remove that feature. I used it and saw that it worked, then when I came back it was gone. Or … why not make a persistent file like the labeling has? The latest Windows version is still 21.5.1, so technically, yes using the latest version.

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Hi @MoonGravity, tokens do stay listed if you actually use them - if you posses(ed) some assets of desired token.
There is no point of adding the token if its balance is zero.

no i’m not the only one with this issue

Also, official trezor support on Reddit is saying this is a known issue. It’s frustrating to get conflicting answers like this.

Totally Agree as i want to withdraw USDC today but don’t trust Trezor to do so, therefore, i am forced to keep USDC on Exchange which i really am worried about. This issue must be fixed.


What you write

Then you are in the wrong forum thread. This thread is about adding Ethereum tokens in Trezor Suite.
Please search the forum for your issue with sending tokens and post there or open a new thread, if you’re having problems.

Exactly what i am trying to do. I add USDC and then it disappears. Tell me where i am in the wrong forum?


You didn’t say in your first message that you had problems with any technical issue, just that you didn’t trust Trezor. If you don’t trust your Trezor device then don’t use it. If you want help in this forum then be on topic. For transfers of USDC this is not the right thread.

Now you say you have problems with adding the USDC token, which is on topic.

If you disconnect your Trezor before you’ve transferred the USDC, then the token will be removed because it contains zero USDC. Empty tokens are removed from Trezor Suite when you disconnect your device. It’s a feature, not a bug. You may not like how it works, but that’s how it works at the moment. I have no idea if SatoshiLabs intend to change this feature to work differently.

See MichalZ’s posts above for all you need to know about this feature.

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Okay, I just experienced this and had I known this before spending my money I certainly would not have done so. This is very disappointing and very worrisome. I’m trying to transfer tokens and coin from BlockFi to this Trevor app/device, BlockFi states that it could take up to 90 days for the transfer to occur and that doesn’t look like it is going to happen with this obvious failure feature that Trezor has added to their app/device. I wonder what other special features they have included that the buyer has not been told about. I have requested on BlockFi to cancel this seriously flawed transfer and just make all my transactions happen on the Gemini exchange. Think about it, a cold wallet with dangerous features that accommodate only an app developer? Anyone out there that wants to buy this Trezor digital whatever it is, let me and if we can make it happen then it will happen. I’d hate to throw it in the trash.

and how is this related to Trezor, please? or what are you referring to at all?

There is no issue with Trezor receiving any coins, transactions are on the blockhain, not in the wallet, if you have your seed you have your coins.

The original question in this topic was talking about adding token to your Suite, once you send something to your address it is there. If you do not send anything there, then there cant be anything to show.

In other words, Trezor runs a discovery each time you plug it in of what is in your addresses, if you only manually add token name but do not actually send the token it will not be discovered, or you can use remember wallet and the name will be there, either way it is not an issue.

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