Trezor Suite not recognising my passphrase - orig archived. Why?

Why was this thread archived? I had one response and may be others who have had the same issue. Here is the original post again:

Hello. I’ve had my Trezor for about 6 months now and never had an issue, but today it is not recognising my passphrase and saying it is incorrect and hidden wallet balance is zero. I have my passphrase written down so it is definitely correct. Can’t work out what is going on. Help please!

Since then I have now gained access - using the SAME passphrase I was using all along. It seems to me for a period of time there was some type of connection issue between Trezor Suite and your servers (or whatever recognises passphrase and allows access).

This issue has raised doubts in my mind about my Trezor - which previously I’d been very happy with. But having a niggling doubt that this may happen again - and when it did happen it was showing my balance as zero (never a nice thing to see).

If others have had similar, or Trezor knows what caused this, that would certainly help dismiss my fears. I wish to keep using my Trezor, and was actually about to buy another, but as then old saying goes “Don’t trust, verify” and currently the “verify” portion of that phrase is a little less certain than it was until last night.

@rudyblue you said in the original thread that the issue was resolved that is why it was archived.

Sorry, but the only explanation is you were using wrong passphrase. You said it yourself, human error is the issue in most cases.

feel free to verify our code, it is open source.

yes, there was a BTC backend issue on Tuesday midday for a couple of hours, but that would not give you empty wallet, just the Account discovery error.

I wish I had screen grabbed what I was seeing - I was getting an account discovery error. When I said the issue was resolved and that human error accounted for the majority of these things, in this case I was saying it was NOT human error. I clearly could see my passphrase on screen on my laptop and my Trezor when I attempted to confirm it each time.

Would the account discovery error account for Trezor Suite calling out an incorrect passphrase - as it was not actually seeing the wallet, it would not be able to verify the phrase? And when you say Tuesday midday, what time zone was that in? As there’s a global customer base, midday one place is not the same elsewhere :wink:

Midday CET. Then that was the case, you did not mention discovery error before :slight_smile: Although I did not think this would give you an incorrect passphrase error, it might be possible.

As long as you have correct passphrase your coins are always safe, since they are not in Suite, so any connection issues are not dangerous.

The account discovery error only appeared after I ejected hidden wallet and then tried to reopen it. Initially the passphrase error came up on launch. Suite showed hidden wallet account (with zero balance) and asked for passphrase. I entered it, was told incorrect, and then tried over and over agin to rule out human error. Ejected the wallet seemed like a good way of resetting everything.

Thank you for your answer, that certainly helps restore my faith. Sadly I am not a coder so can not verify your code. My own version of verify is through usage - and trust gained that way.

Hopefully this little wobble was a one off and I can move inwards sure that my device is secure.

Thx again.

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