Trezor suite mouse bug

When I open the app Trezor Suite my mouse arrow goes crazy, it moves up to the right by itself. Anyone has same problem ? Please help thank you guys

hi @pruyem IMO this is not anyhow related to Trezor Suite but most likely to your OS/drivers, browser or hardware. Please try to reinstall what was mentioned and use another computer and mouse to see if your problem persist.

Hi there!
i have similar problem like dude in this topic. My mouse do not goes so crazy, but some times jump on random position on desktop. I tried reinstall mouse, change USB slots, nothing was change.
I use more other programs but only Suite make this problem. When i use NB touchpad all goes right.
I was found only one guy with same problem on CZ Discord, no more. :frowning:
Any thougt?

Try what MichalZ suggests above - reinstall drivers, try the mouse (and Trezor Suite) on another PC, try another mouse, etc.