Trezor Suite exchanging cryptocurrencies

Hi all -
I’m coming back to crypto arena after long time absent. May I verify some questions about Trezor Suite and My T1?

  1. If someone wants to send me a supported coin or token, I just have to give them the account address on my T1? No exchange required?

  2. If I understand correctly, once the crypto is on my T1, I can use Trezor Suite to exchange one crypto currency for another - assuming supported coin or token of course.

  3. From Trezor Suite I can pay crypto directly to a vendor?

I am asking these questions because I have seen comments about integrated exchanges like Changelly in Trezor Suite but also something about requiring Metamask? The various posts I have read have left me kind of confused.

If there is some document somewhere that explicitly covers everything Trezor Suite does that would be great. I just haven’t found one.

Thank you

Hi @ombra888

  1. yes that’s correct, no exchange required.

  2. correct again. You can buy, sell and exchange cryptocurrencies directly in Trezor Suite via Invity - a constituent company of SatoshiLabs Group, the holding company that unites it with Trezor as well as TropicSqaure or Coinmap.

For more information please see following links:

  1. Yes you can, see: Suite manual:Making payments - Trezor Wiki

Please note that when buying, selling or exchanging cryptocurrencies in Trezor Suite there is no 3rd party wallet such as MetaMask needed.

You can also use Invity web interface however if you want to buy, sell or exchange using addresses that were generated in Trezor (derived from your recovery seed) it is definitely more convenient to use those features directly in Trezor Suite.

Using trezor, how do I buy crypto with INR?

Here is the detailed manual on how you can buy cryptocurrencies with fiat currencies directly in Trezor Suite using the buy feature (provided by our partner company Invity):

Also please have a look at the FAQs when it comes to buying crypto via Invity:

Hi @ombra888,

  1. Yes, give them your account’s Receive address. No exchange required.
  2. Yes.
    “To exchange currency, simply choose the asset you have and the asset that you want to swap for, and enter the amount you want to spend. Invity will fetch a curated list of trusted exchanges that can fulfill the order, so you can compare the prices of cryptocurrencies and choose the exchange that works best for you.”
  3. Yes.

Thank you very much Michal.


Thank you very much. Very much appreciated.

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