Trezor suite/Banxa,funds sent but Banxa dispute

Hi, I’m aware of this forums intended content but thought I’d reach out.
I made a purchase through the trezor suite, 6 days ago and according to the digital platform Banxa my funds never reached their account. I have compiled and received multiple emails from them in response but too no avail. I made a bank transfer and have provided the transactions details to them. I’m still been met with the same reply. No funds received! Any suggestions pls ?

Hi @HammersmythE
Could you please provide your order/transaction ID.
I will forward it directly to our communication channel with Banxa and see if they’ll be of any help in this matter.

Great thank-you

Transaction ok to send on this forum ?

Please answer my DM and add it there :wink:

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Hey, I went to answer DM but I’m receiving this msg “ Sorry, you cannot send a personal message to that user.”
Is this because I’m still new here ?

probably yes, could you please submit an issue using this form
and get back to me here with a ticket ID ? thank you

Hi MichalZ

ID 107173

HI all

Banxa have sent funds back!

Dispute over.

Thank- you Michalz.