Trezor Suite and hidden wallet

I have a Trezor One and in the first time I used the web wallet ( but now I am using Trezor Suite. So far so good. I have noticed that my wallet is called a “hidden wallet” in Trezor Suite, although I do not have enabled the passphrase feature. I do not use a 25th word.

After a quick internet search, I found that other users have noticed this too:


After the last Trezor Suite update, my wallet suddenly appeared as “standard wallet”. I thought: “okay, seems they have fixed this little bug” but now, as I start Trezor Suite, it is called a “hidden wallet” again.

hi @Timaios could you please submit an issue via this form and provide your application log so I could forward this to our QA team ?
Also please get back to me here with a ticket number so we can prioritize the issue.
Thank you for your cooperation in advance.

I have submitted the issue. Ticket ID is 82782
Let’s wait and see. :nerd_face:

What do you mean with application log?