Trezor suite (21.1.1) - offers old Firmware?

Hey guys!

The Trezor suit (21.1.1) I am working with, is offering to update the Trezor T to 1.9.4.
And says that this is the “Up to date” Version. Although it’s not!

I am using this Trezor suit already for a longer time.

Any ideas how it comes?
Not that I am being scammed?

Hi @Zaiga

What is your current version of firmware?
Also, please update your Trezor Suite as well.
Could you please try using web interface at Trezor Suite in order to see what you’ll be offered to update your FW to there ?

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The online suite offers me the correct FW version for the Trezor.
But I can’t update the Trezor Suite from the computer.
Now I am a bit afraid that the Terzor suite got hacked or smth.

(PS. I have a Trezor ONE not T)

I’d suggest you to uninstall the older version of Trezor Suite you are currently using and install the latest one from this source

You can also check that you have downloaded legit app by verifying binaries.
Make sure that you have downloaded both our signing key and the signature of the binary from the download page as well.