Trezor Set-up with 2 MetaMask Accounts: Possible?

Hello Community,
I’ve been trying to find information on this and received a response from another community though I need to validate this since something does not seem right. Maybe I need to buy a second Trezor?

I currently have a MetaMask that is set-up with my Trezor. It contains 2 Account: Dummy (Do not use Account) and a Trezor account that reflects all of my holdings-tokens. This is active and works!

Prior purchasing my Trezor I had another MetaMask account yet it is recognized with some long term products: Drip Faucet. dripcommunity

In this other MetaMask account that was set-up prior owning my Trezor. This account is what is coupled with my DRIP account. How do I get the Drip Account, (not tokens) to no longer connect to this MetaMask Account and connect with my new MetaMask -Trezor account, since it was opened prior and recognizes a different MetaMask Address?

Is there a way to couple the online Faucet to my Trezor and uncouple it from the first MetaMask Account?

I don’t want to deprecate my current set-up with the MetaMask - Trezor. Do I need to buy another Trezor if this is the case?


that is the question for them, but most likely no. Your Trezor is a separate wallet with a different address

Thanks. Still trying to figure this out. If anyone has a way to migrate a pre-trezor metamask account (crypto is bonded) to a already set-up Trezor please share.