Trezor + Ronin Technical Issues

So I have a handful of accounts in my ronin wallet

None linked to Trezor

Nothing is on my Trezor either

Goal = link the Ronin account I want to the Trezor

But the list just shows 50 random Ronin accounts

What can I do?


Once you initialize Ronin wallet, there is a default account(s) created (the red one in the picture). If you wish to use it, then you need to keep your Ronin seed phrase to recover and access this account whenever needed. This account is not a part of Trezor wallet.

On the contrary, there are Trezor accounts (the yellow in the picture). The same accounts are generated in MEW, Trezor Suite etc. These are Trezor generated accounts and can be recovered only by using Trezor recovery seed (and passphrase if enabled and used).

If you already have any funds in your Ronin standalone (default) wallet, they are on the addresses derived from the seed that was generated online directly in the Ronin wallet interface (thus it is more vulnerable to be compromised).

If you want to transfer them to the addresses derived from the private keys (that is always securely kept offline on your Trezor) simply send them to the account/address marked with that blue “hardware” bubble.

TLDR: You can’t just link Ronin account to Trezor account as they are both derived from different seed

Regarding number of Accounts to export from Trezor to Ronin:

This limit is 50 accounts however if you would be in a need of using more accounts you can simply create another hidden wallet (enter different passphrase) and you’ll be able to choose among another 50 accounts.

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Thank you! Michal!

Any clarity on how I can get this set up given the issue I had?

thanks for the awesome information.

You have to import addresses “generated by Trezor” (derived from Trezor recovery seed) into your Ronin wallet extension and then transfer tokens from your default Ronin accounts there…

Beware if you want to transfer some NFTs as they can apparently loose lvl when you do so but this is already out of scope of Trezor support so please do your own research.