Trezor Recovery see have loaded into Metamask

Hello, I need some advise , here was the situation:

  1. At first i lost my trezor,
  2. then I use the seed phrase into metamask ,
  3. Transferred all the funds out of my wallet to a temporary wallet
  4. Days later I found the Trezor

My questions:
A. as I loaded the old seed phrase into Metamask, so my Old trezor wallet is HOT now, its not cold anymore.
B. If I factory reset my old Trezor device and create a new wallet using a newly generated seed phrase trezor, will it be HOT wallet or Cold Wallet?
C.Or, this trezor device will never be Cold again, as its seed phrase has been loaded into Metamask. So all the seed phrases that this Trezor device will generate will always be HOT , to get a cold wallet I need to get a Brand new trezor.

Please kindly advise, I need a cold wallet solution. Do I need to buy a new Trezor for Cold wallet ?


if you reset the trezor and generate a brand new seed, then the trezor will be a cold wallet once again.

Then use metamask to transfer the funds back to the trezor’s new address(es).

All will be good.