Trezor Recovery doesnt work even with correct passphrase

Hi All,
I recently changed my motherboard on my pc but then i need to setup my trezor wallet. So I went through the setup from scratch and recover my wallet. (Keep in mind that I wrote down my seed phrase on my notebook in the correct order). Now after trezor tells me to type the phrases from the hardware’s screen (Sometimes the hardware’s screen show this “Enter your 1st word” then a random word that is not included in what i wrote down which is weird), It fails and said that passphrase is invalid. Is there any fix to this? I instead created a new wallet but my old wallet is what id want to get back because I play Axie Infinity and the Axies and they are linked to the old hardware ronin address.


@arcillarolda65 if you get invalid seed message, then it means you most likely misstyped one or more words during setup.

Please check here: Commonly misspelled recovery seed words - Trezor Wiki

Also check possible seed words here: bips/english.txt at master · bitcoin/bips · GitHub