Trezor One password manager EMPTY


After some year or longer I went to my Trezor Password Manager to retrieve some data.
I have Dropbox/Apps/Trezor Password Manager/file.pswd there, that was created and have the data in.

When I use the chrome extension to open the password manager, there is no data as if it was empty, which it isn’t. Or it wasn’t around a year ago. But the UI loads.

I can safely safe the Dropbox was not accessed as I have 2FA on that.

There is a red notice that the Password Manager will be deprecated and that I should move my data away. Which I would gladly do but I need to access them.

Is there a way to directly try to feed in the app my file.pswd ? What could be wrong that the data is not loading?

I also have a local backup of that file on my storage, in fact i have like 10+ files of backup throughout the time. But even if i put local file to that folder the UI just does not load the password, which it did previously.

What could be wrong?



An update.

I have cleare my cache multiple times. Uploaded almost all of my backups (that worked before) and it does not work.

But what is more interesting is the fact, that when i create a new entry in the UI (which looks like if i were a new user) it will update the file and give it todays date as last edit.

If i delete the file and replace it with any backup. the UI will load (after several history purge and closing the browesr and loggin in again) to display me the one and only entry, i have created today… Which is supposedly stored in a file i created 2 years ago.

My conclusion: Trezor password Manager stores the data somewhere else. Where, that i cant tell you. But this is fucked up.

Gladly i will be able to recover all my things. But if anyone store there anything that they have not stored anywhere else, they got fucked by Trezor.

And this was also such a good product.