Trezor One never gave me recovery seed, now stuck in bootloader

New user here. I connected Trezor One after installing Trezor Suite. It never offered me the chance to get my recovery seed. Instead it asked to install firmware. I aborted the firmware install on the Trezor One because I didn’t have the seed phrase. Now the Trezor is stuck in Bootloader and I still have no recovery phrase. (Wallet is new and empty so I haven’t lost anything, but what I do now?) {Ticket# 96667}

Hi @WhiteSox05
Please connect your device in bootloader mode (Connect your Trezor while using your index and middle finger to hold both buttons pressed) and go to
You should see following screen:

Proceed to factory reset (that will erase everything except bootloader mode from your device)
After that you can reconnect your device and go to and start initialization process again.
Please note that backing up your device (writing down your unique recovery seed) is a step after installing firmware - you need to do that first anyway.

for more information see following video regarding wallet setup:

Thank you, Michal! This resolved my issue. I have updated firmware and have my recovery seed. Device is recognized in Suite.

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