Trezor ONE in Booth state after firmware update

When trying to update my trezor one firmware, it repeated the same step 4 times. I aborted (on trezor) the last round and disconnected. Now it is in booth state and it displays “incorect state” I followed all the instructions how to reinstall new firmware, but I it does not allow me to go anywhere since it displays “incorrect state”. I am connecting to Mac computer. I have the seed ready (as i assume all the data are gone) but have no idea how to make the trezor function again to re-set my seed… = get my bitcoins back. As you can imagine it does not make me happy at all.

Hi, thank you for your response. Maybe I am stupid, but following the Suite manual link does not help, because when I am prompted to connect the trezor to the computer it just pops up “Device is in the incorrect state” and I can only re-connect the trezor again (will tell me the same) or to contact support that I am trying.

If there would be any pop-up dialog or menu to choose from to start firmware update I would do so, but there is nowhere to click… or am I missing something? I have downloaded the trezor suit desktop app as well as trying on
Thank you for your help.


Try to update the Firmware through Trezor Wallet instead of using Trezor Suite.

See here:

THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR HELP. When I went to wallet and hold the buttons i got to install new firmweare. I had to enter the seed to recover my founds but all successfully done.

Thanks again… :o)


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Great to hear and happy to help! :slight_smile:

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