Trezor One gone. Is it a smooth transition to Trezor T?

My trezor One was accidentally packed into long term storage which I won’t have access to for at least a year.

I’ll be buying a new Trezor to access my wallets and wanted to upgrade to model T.

Am I still going to have access to my third party wallets? I was using MEW for Ethereum and maybe a few other altcoin wallets.

The process is just to use the seed phrase from the last trezor, correct? And once I get my hands on my original trezor will I be able to generate a new wallet on it?

Hi @Nate,

It depends on what type of coins you have. See here for a list of supported coins.

Ethereum (ETH) is supported by Trezor now, plus all ERC-20 tokens on the Ethereum chain. You can use Trezor Suite wallet software.

Correct. Then the new Trezor Model T will be a mirror of the one in your storage.

Note though that Model T supports more coins and features than Model One so if you, for instance, add coins to Model T that’s not supported by Model One, then you won’t be able to see or handle them on the latter.