Trezor one from 2022, upgrade to new device?

I have 2 Trezor Model One (one for backup). I have hidden wallet. I upgrade software every 6 month (when I connect them to my laptop).

Is there any security reason to trow my 2 Trezor Model One away and upgrade to Trezor safe 3 yet?

Trezor Model One is still for sale, and I am happy with my Trezor’s.


If the One covers the coins you use, I’d say no need to do anything.
If however you want to use solana, monero or some of those others, then upgrade.

No, and that would also be a waste of money and time. But a good thing to invest in would be a metal backup like Trezor Keep Metal (Trezor Keep Metal | Recovery Seed Phrase Backup Solution) or Cryptotag Zeus (Trezor Hardware Wallet Accessories | Cryptotag Zeus). Having a good backup in place is more important than anything. Look at the issues here on the forum, the chance of someone getting in your house and stealing your Trezor device is lower than you forgetting your seed phrase including passwords if you used one for your wallet.

Most issues you will read here on the forum and other forums and online involve users either forgetting their seed phrases (also called recovery seed), losing the paper where they wrote it down, forgetting to write down also the passwords, or the house on fire and they end up losing the paper where they wrote it down. (at worst they or someone in their house throw away that piece of paper where the seed is written down - people who don’t understand crypto).

Only bitcoin in my wallet.


Thank you.
I will do that :+1:

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If you have two Trezor’s, another question is whether it is better to use the same wallet, with one hardware as a backup for the other. Or to split the Bitcoin between two wallets. In both cases we more or less avoid a single point of failure. I feel more comfortable with the second option, two different wallets, but with the same PIN code and the same hidden wallet passphrase on both.

Today I have one Trezor hardware as backup for the other, but I consider to split the bitcoin to two wallets.

But my system work and is safe so I am reluctant to change it…

Thanks for input :+1:

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