Trezor one + Exodus for altcoin holding

Good morning!

I have a question in relation to coin support (I have Trezor one hw). I use Trezor one currently to store BTC and ETH directly in Trezor suite. But there are some altcoins (ADA, SOL, ATOM), which are on the exchange, but I would like to secure them.
Do I understand correctly, that if I authenticate in Exodus using my Trezor One, I will be able to create a new address for each of these altcoins in Exodus and send them from exchange, then I will see the balances in Exodus and will be able to manage them as well, despite the fact, that coins are directly not supported by Trezor One?
How secure is this setup? In case I lose my Trezor, I will be able to import my seed to any other hot or cold wallet, which supports mentioned coins and I will see it in that wallet?

Initially I wanted to buy Ledger Nano S Plus for holding these alts, but then I discovered this Trezor option. How secure is this approach if comparison to holding coins directly using Ledger?

If this approach is working, why it is not anywhere promoted and advertised in Trezor homepage? Because official coin support list does not even contain Cosmos (ATOM) or Solana coins in the list.


P.S. It looks, that I have found out, that my solution will not work, as Exodus + Trezor does not support any of the combinations I need (ADA, ATOM, SOL)

Hi, as you said it will not work. You can pair your Trezor with Exodus but you can still only store coins that are supported on Trezor because you are still using Trezor just managing coins via Exodus interface.

And ADA is not supported in Trezor One. SOL and ATOM are not supported at all.