Trezor One ETH Account (with NFTs) Keeps Disappearing

I have re-created an Ethereum account three times, each time having to manually input my NFT tokens.

Every time, they appear in my account.

Then when I unplug my Trezor One and plug it back in, the account is missing. I can see the NFTs in MetaMask (via OpenSea) but why does this ETH account continue to disappear?

Hi @cryptochadwick,

From How to store NFTs on a hardware wallet blog article:

Displaying and managing NFTs is not supported by Trezor Suite and there are no immediate plans to add support for them. To view your NFTs, you will need to use an explorer with a dedicated gallery function, such as opensea or a mobile app to which you can import your public key.

Why it disappears after you unplug your Trezor device and plug it in again I’m not certain, but it’s maybe because NFTs are EIP-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.