Trezor One came with Model T Documentation in Box


I recently ordered a Trezor model One directly from the Trezor website. It recently arrived however I noticed after opening the box that the getting started documentation says Model T on it. Additionally, my 2 recovery cards are both for 12 word recovery seeds, however I believe the Model One is supposed to come with recovery cards for 24 word seeds.

I checked the hologram seal prior to opening and there was no evidence of tampering that I could see.

Is this normal? Should I be concerned that my Trezor was tampered with before it reached me?

Thank you

Hi @Sam
​A recently distributed small batch of Trezor One devices, has been manufactured with the wrong seed cards.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused, but we have also found out about this a couple of days ago, thanks to wary customers like yourself.
Please find the correct seed cards available for print out here: Recovery seed card - Trezor Wiki
​There is absolutely nothing wrong with the Trezor devices, nor anything to worry about.
​We appreciate your cautious approach, I hope this explains the situation sufficiently.

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Hello @MichalZ @Sam

The same thing happened to me, recently I ordered my Trezor model One through Amazon, the seller was “Satoshilabs”. It arrived in good condition, its security holograms and the package looks in good condition, however the content of the box is not that of the Trezor One, it is the Trezor T manual and also my two seed cards are both 12 words security just like it happened to you.

The box, on the outside, looks good, however there is one or another characteristic that worries me a little, above one of the security seals the phrase “By SatoshiLabs” is inscribed. I don’t know if it is normal, I have searched the internet for images of the boxes, unboxing on youtube and nowhere have I seen a box like mine that says “By SatoshiLabs” in the lower left above the security hologram. Apart from that on the back you can see the trezor logo in white, and above that logo they have placed the barcode sticker and below the barcode there is a QR code with a serial number, I have seen several Recent unboxing videos and none have the box like I have, they don’t have the phrase “By SatioshiLabs” and they don’t have that QR code on the back, they have the QR code on the side of the box.
I need help and someone to confirm if what I just indicated about the package is correct.

Hi @JorgeDaryl I confirm that “by SatoshiLabs” sign in down left corner is our newest packaging which we recently distributed mainly to our resellers (such as Amazon). Right now I am holding in my hands package that is exactly the same as you described (same barcode and QR code position) so as long as holographic seals were intact your device is definitely legit and safe to use.

Hi @MichalZ , similar layout but unfortunately slightly different for me too: just bought Trezor One from Amazon (seller satoshilabs), the packaging is the old one (so without the writing “By SatoshiLabs” on the front), and no Trazor logo on the back. In short, the old package, BUT with the QR code sticker positioned under the barcode, like @JorgeDaryl . I haven’t seen this combination in the various unboxing either, but I guess it’s also legit, right? (the holographic mark appears correct and intact).
Thank you!

hi @qualjem yes I confirm that packaging you have described has been distributed in the past for our resellers as well so the device is legit and safe to use.

Very well, thank you very much @MichalZ !