Trezor never wake up and approve transaction in MM

So i followed this guide How to secure a Metamask wallet using a Trezor - YouTube when setting up my trezor one with a new MM wallet.

All work good and i did test it by sending and receiving coins on avalanche chain.
Then i made a node, also work flawless and tried to claim from it without any problem.
All was great :+1:

Today 6 day’s later i used that computer again for the first time and all good except the Trezor never wake up to make confirmations when I try to send coins or claim from the node.

Been searching for solutions here but can’t find any guide what to do and try. Would be happy for some links that explains and have solutions how to solve it. Thanks in advance.

So i set up MM on Firefox browser and it worked now. The Trezor wake up when doing transactions.
Any ideas how to solve the problem in Chrome?

Chrome’s security settings.
Chrome’s pop-up permissions.