Trezor Model T Transactions 2021 transaction history missing


I have just realized that the whole year 2021 is missing from my transaction history. I can see the transactions in the chart when I hover the mouse over it, but not in the history.

I realized it only now, because I uploaded the Trezor history to the CoinTracking tool and it shows a lot of missing transactions. And by tracing some of them via Blockexplorer I realized that they went to my Trezor.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Kind regards

Hi @Joschi,

Is it possible that these transactions were made from a different account? If so, please keep in mind that transaction history is always connected to the account that was used for sending (receiving) the transaction.

Hi Radek,

Thanks for the quick reply - that did the trick! I didn’t realize that you have to download the CSV separately for each account :man_facepalming:
You are a life saver!

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